Another aspect that I would like to draw attention to is the trainer himself and is definitely much more delicate. The worst for the trainer, actually for every lecturer or trainer, is the moment when credibility is lost at the very beginning of the course.

It reminds me of a the scene in one of Polish comedy series, in which one of the actors called another one and asked to help the victim of an accident  "... Hey you are a doctor, so can you help me to save her!" - and the person answered  "... but I'm a doctor of history ...", but the caller said   "... It doesn’t matter, you're a doctor so help me ..."

Unfortunately, being a trainer you have to realize that practical skills become very limited after some time. All the more so, because the instructor's task is to get to know all the feature and capabilities concerning a given system, has to focus on continuous improvement and getting to know everything that is new. Okay, but what about this practical skills?

As I mentioned before, before becoming a lecturer, it would be good to gain experience first. So we have experience and practice,  but the times when the IT specialists could call himself omnibus are long gone. Sometimes comprehending only one issue can take so much time that unfortunately there is neither the strength nor the will to study the rest.

Where does it come from? It is a very simple reason. Even if the trainer himself administers a real production system, he certainly does not use everything that a given software package or operating system offers. For example if a salesman only uses a spreadsheet and makes 100 offers a day, it does not mean that he or she knows the secrets of pivot tables, scenarios or how to write complex scripts. The same applies to the majority of administrators who spend the most of their time in their daily work on managing backups, viewing logs, not to mention the technical support provided to company employees about where to click to change or set something trivial.

On the other hand, on getting to know what interesting can be squeezed out of the system, usually there is not enough time to spend. If time is going to be spent on doing experiments, then you sometimes experience  lack of appropriate measures such as tools and equipment.

After all, no administrator will carry out experiments on a living organism. If we are already talking about credibility, please tell me if the any administrator or expert of any system remembers all available parameters of a given PowerShell cmdlet? Of course not. But why? Because, they can always run help command, or look into the documentation.

And what about the trainer ....hmm, hmm ?