Administration with PowerShell  - Live Virtual Class Trainings

I would like to present the most universal and versatile training course. No matter what kind of Microsoft product you have been using or have implemented, there is always one thing that binds them all together and that is PowerShell. I believe this course should be considered mandatory for all IT staff that deals with Microsoft technology.

When you as an IT professional attend Microsoft courses you quickly realize that simple configuration can be done using graphical user interface, however when you need to configure much more sophisticated features, PowerShell becomes a necessity. This course teaches you how to use the tool in order to enhance your daily activities.  You can also create your own tools to automate your work and mainly to be independent of other vendors.

Here are my course proposals. I am sure you will find them very interesting.

Basic administration with PowerShell 

Course Contents          Duration 5 days      9.00h-16.00h

  • Introduction to PowerShell editions and versions
  • Configuring the console
  • ISE and Visual Studio Code
  • Finding and discovering commands
  • Working with modules
  • Interpreting help and running commands
  • Comparing commands and cmdlets
  • Using Profiles
  • Understanding command syntax
  • Working with the pipeline
  • Selecting, sorting, measuring and formatting command output
  • Optimizing pipeline
  • Understanding how the pipeline works
  • Working with PSDrives
  • Exporting and converting data
  • Persistent and implicit remoting
  • Management information by Using WMI and CIM
  • Background and scheduled jobs
  • Variables, arrays, hashtables, and operators
  • Basic and advanced scripting concepts
  • Moving From Script to Function to Module

Practical Windows Server Administration

  • Configuring Windows 2016 Core operating system
  • Configuring and managing Active Directory Domain Services objects

Advanced Administration with PowerShell 

Course Contents               Duration 5 days   9.00h-16.00h

  • Introduction to advanced scripting
  • Understanding script scope
  • Regular expressions basics
  • Implementing help
  • Configuring pipeline behavior
  • Supporting –WhatIf and –Confirm
  • Error Handling
  • Analyzing and Debugging Scripts
  • Creating custom modules
  • Managing Local Script Execution
  • Remote execution capabilities
  • Constrained Language Mode
  • Implementing PKI  – signing scripts
  • Writing Controller Scripts
  • Manipulating  XML  & JSON Files
  • Using Desired State Configuration
  • Just Enough Administration (JEA)
  • Auditing and Logging
  • PowerShell-based attacks 
  • Windows PowerShell Workflow
  • Installing PowerShell Web Access

Practical Windows Server Administration

  • Configuring and managing Active Directory Domain Services
  • Optional – basic administering Azure and Office 365

Administration with PowerShell (Weekend Version) 

  • Basic  -  Duration 4 days (two weekends)
  • Advanced -  Duration 4 days (two weekends)

The course contents are exactly the same, however some topics may not be covered in such great detail as in the regular version.
Technical requirements

The whole course is delivered as a live virtual class training.

All delegates will receive an invitation to the conference and information on how to connect to specially prepared virtual machines using remote desktops.

Delegates can connect from anywhere as long as they have a reliable connection to the Internet.

My recommendation is that delegates should have 2 monitors or one monitor with at least Full HD resolution because they will have to watch the trainer’s demonstration and be able to work with virtual desktop at the same time. There is no special requirement as far as delegates’ computer configuration is concerned because remote desktop does not require a lot of resources.

Windows 10 capable desktop computer or notebook is highly recommended.

As a conferencing system, Webex or ClickMeeting would be preferred, depending which one works better, taking into account the location of delegates.

It is recommended that delegates use headsets to connect to audio conferencing. Video connection is not required.
These courses will be delivered in English. Delegates will receive all PowerPoint slides and all the other files and scripts, used or created by the trainer during the training.

If you are interested in taking part in my training course send me an email to