Let's try to imagine running a specialized course that various people come to. Some of them come because the company that sends them sets such requirements, others come again because they want to learn something. But there are also those who already have knowledge and need to receive so-called "paper". Fortunately, there are not so many of them, because if you look at the prices of such courses, especially authorized ones, you will have to pay a lot of money sometimes. So, they should have a bit of determination, although fortunately or unfortunately they do not pay for it, only their employers.

There is also a large group of people really fascinated by the subject of training. Imagine a professional among students who do not have (at least theoretically) the concept of what they will learn about. The basic problem with which we are dealing here is a sharp increase in the level of the course and, unfortunately, the acceleration of the material being processed. Topics are overtaken, students are not able to make their own decisions and generally leave the course unsatisfied.
Such an experienced student will start to ask questions at a high level of abstraction. The problem is not whether other students will know what is going on, just to satisfy the questioner by sometimes time-consuming explanations of the complexities that go beyond the content of the topic discussed. Now, depending on the intensity and urgency of the questions and the assertiveness of the trainer, it depends on how the entire training process will go.

The students ask very different, sometimes weird but very interesting questions. As you know, there are no stupid questions, there are only stupid and ill-thought-out answers. In many cases the task of the question is related to the possession of appropriate substantive knowledge. By the way, the students like very much when, for every question they ask, even the most irrational ones, the instructor informs them authoritatively that, contrary to appearances, this is a very interesting and intelligent question.

And to be honest, he is right, these questions are the most important. They arise from the actual problems that these people have encountered during their daily work. There is nothing better than solving practical problems. And here we are entering the subject of credibility, but I will talk about this in the next part.