You probably used to go to different conferences, workshops, seminars or other trainings, and you've often wondered what it's like to be on the other side, what it's like to be a presenter, trainer instructor,  etc. Would you be able to do it yourself? if you had to stand in front of a crowd of people, not always friendly-minded? Would you overcome your stage fright?

There is a guy, sometimes very elegantly dressed, there is a netbook, tablet or something else in front of him. He is talking, waving his arms, making a wise face, and everyone around him, especially those ones who are willing to listen to him, seems to be quite competent and kind ... or sometimes quite the contrary.

Trade seminars and certification meetings have their own unique charm. Presenters change frequently, so if one of them is boring, there is hope that the next one will be a bit better. By the way, the organizers try to spice up the stay through additional attractions such as evening performances of music, cabaret or other celebrities. Staying at such meetings becomes a way to get to know each other better with business partners, and as a result, training or presentation goes to the background. One could easily say that the training itself seems to interfere with the party participants' good fun. Actually, the most important element of such events are the behind-the-scenes conversations, where you can share your own experiences and gain new interesting contacts, and sometimes also contracts.

Although there are also some negative aspects that may arise during such events. In many cases, the organizers invite different speakers without coordinating the range of topics they present during their presentations. If all subsequent people are able to listen to their predecessors, then they are able to correct their presentations on a regular basis.

It happens, however, that individual speakers arrive on time for their presentation and then most often during the speech they quickly learn that they are repeating the topic discussed earlier, causing a negative response in the room. There is nothing wrong with this, provided that the information provided is not inconsistent with previous speeches. In truth, it may turn out that the subject presented once again will reach the recipients because the predecessor either did not advise himself or did not know exactly what he was saying. For those listeners who were so interested in speaking that they paid attention to it, this is an additional attraction on the basis of which they are able to draw the right conclusions for meetings.

Actually, such meetings can be divided into two types. The first type are such meetings, on which the speakers are terribly bored, and the second kind is the one on which the speakers are also terribly bored, but the organizers took care of a good snack and additional attractions.